About Zoose

     Zoose is my animal self character, and is sometimes shy towards others, and sometimes flips out for no reason. She is only the size of a regular house cat. She has a baseball hat that she occasionally wears on sunny days. Her eyes change everyday, from light blues, to greenish-blue, to gray. She has a pet named Luna, whom she adores and loves. She has the fear of the sight of deep water (she's not afraid of going in it), fat worms (ew), death, drowning, and cows (hey, they're unpredictable!) She loves drawing, her computer, the TV show Spongebob, her tablet, wolves, canids, felines, seals, and animating! She hates spammers, flamers, mushrooms, animal abusers, evil people, people getting mad at meforno apperent reason, taking showers, and cleaning Luna's litterbox X( Her eyes change color everyday, but it depends what time of week/season it is. Her eyes change from steel-blue, green-blue, green, grey, or yellow-green.

Media taking place

Zoose is very busy with AMV's and episode re-dos and can't reply to most of your messages, so please be patient if you have a question ^^ I will get back to you ASAP. (unless their really boring questions: ie; how old are you? or; What's your name?)


Wolf's Twilight Opening ::redux:: 100%
Flare and Tovias~ Vicarious 1%
"The big project" with voice actors 0.5% ::sketching::
Corrupted opening 1% ::sketching::
Beyond what's in front of us Pages 3-4 17%

The official poster for Wolf's Twilight is here!


About 3 days of work, frustration and annoyance!
I may get it published and hang it in my room ^^